Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift return for music video sequel in 'The Joker and the Queen'

Music 11/02/2022

Good friends and fellow singers Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are back for a new song together, 'The Joker and The Queen'.

The song, which is a duet version of Ed's song from '=', has a continuing storyline from their pair's 2012 single 'Everything Has Changed'.

Still Image from Everything Has Changed

The music video stars the same kids from the 2012 original, now showing the parallel lives of the teenagers Jake and Ava before the reunite. 

Jack posted some behind-the-scenes photos from the set after the video's premiere, writing, "So excited to share the project Jack worked on last month. So honored to be apart of this legacy in some small way."

This is a sequel to the Everything Has Changed video that came out 9 years ago, so check that out too.