People are loving Anne Hathaway's 'Genius' way to eat a cupcake

goss 01/04/2022

Anne Hathaway has shared the genius way she eats cupcakes - and people online are truly blown away.

I mean, when was the last time you didn't end up with buttercream all over your top lip, the bridge of your nose and chin when scoffing a cupcake?

Anne appeared as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show, and showed how she transforms her cupcakes into "cupcake sandwiches."

Explaining the origin of her trick, she says, "I didn't realise that this was that unusual until I was at my friend Steph's 40th birthday. And it got omicroned so we couldn't have a cake, so we did cupcakes."

"And so I took my cupcake... and I did this thing, and it stopped the party."

With over 200,000 views, the clip has already received hundreds of comments from shocked fans. One person said, "Anne is a genius on so many levels," while another commented, "I never thought of that before!!"

Sounds like an excuse to buy/make some cupcakes...