Legendary 90's TV hosts of Ice TV reunite 20 years later for exclusive podcast

goss 22/04/2022

If you were the sort of Kiwi who spent Saturday afternoons chilling out and watching your square 4:3 TV, then you may remember the years of Ice TV.

Starring Petra Bagust, Jon Bridges and Nathan Rarere, the three 20-something year olds hosted the youth-focused TV show for six years between 1995 to 2000, and recently reunited for Petra's podcast 'Grey Areas'.

The show covered everything from music to comedy to 'Bridges on Bridges', and was a hit during its time on TV3 where it won the 1999 NZ TV Awards for Best Comedy Programme.

"[Ice TV] was so hyperreal in a way, the colour's were all turned up," Jon Bridges explained on 'Grey Areas'.

All of a sudden there was a new team of people with a new thing. We were excited cause we were doing something really creative.

"We were getting all this feedback from the public so the attention on us was intense. And the three of us, and what we all went through, was magical."

The three hosts took different paths following the end of Ice TV, with Petra hosting numerous TV shows including TV One Breakfast, Nathan Rarere returning to host numerous shows in radio, and Jon Bridges taking the role of executive producer on Three's 'The Project'.

Listen to the full Grey Areas podcast below: