Natalie Portman reveals her self-care tips

goss 14/04/2022

We all love a couple of self-help tips and Natalie Portman swears by her simple weekly routine. 

The 'Black Swan' actress has been upping her fitness game over the past while and tries to run or swim "four times a week". She says listening to a podcast while out turns her run into a relaxing experience and clears her mind. 

When I’m running, I’ll often catch up on 'The Daily' or I’ll listen to an audiobook [...] I’ve really been doing podcasts recently just to keep up with the news since it’s been so upsetting and the least we can do is keep on top of it.

The 40-year-old star has also reduced her alcohol intake and cut out coffee while still drinking two-litres of water a day, which has helped boost her energy and keep it steady throughout the day.

I find that my energy is evening out. I’m not getting very tired and then pumping it up. It feels more steady!

Now she's in her forties, Natalie says keeping her skin moisturised is vital.

I feel like keeping moisturised, especially as I’m getting older, is the most important part of beauty.

Source: Bangshowbiz