The Irwins and Paris Hilton make an unlikely pair up in new commercial for Uber Eats

goss 09/05/2022

Crikey, that's hot.

From the same business who thought The Wiggles and Simon Cowell together, Uber Eats have now brought Paris Hilton and the Irwin family for an unlikely collaboration.

As part of Uber Eats' "Tonight, I’ll Be Eating" ad campaign, Terri, Bindi and Robert Irwin along with Paris Hilton and her chihuahuas are together at Australia Zoo. And in true Paris style, her Chihuahua enclosure is all luxury and hot pink, as well as Paris's version of the classic khakis.

In an interview with Pedestrian, Robert shared that the Irwins have “more in common [with Paris] than you might think.”

We’re both big, big animal lovers, maybe different kinds of animals, but we both have a really good respect for the natural world.

Meanwhile, Paris gushed about her love of Uber Eats "because I use it basically every single day.” 

“I love it! I love food, I love ordering and I love the brand Uber so when I got the call to do this, and it was with Australians and the Irwins, I was like, ‘This sounds like so much fun.’ I love the Aussies!”

We'd love to compare Paris's Uber Eats bill with our own Uber Eats Queenie, Jay-Jay Feeney. Watch the full ad below: