Tom Cruise scares the life out of James Corden in a 'Top Gun' fighter jet

goss 24/05/2022

If the world ever needs another actor to replace Tom Cruise, we definitely will not look TV personality James Corden...

The 'Late Late Show' host got a taste of what it's like being in the 'Top Gun' fighter jet flying with the one and only Tom Cruise.

The actor, who does have a pilots licence in real life, gave James Corden a serious thrillseeking ride flying over the desert in a vintage fighter plane, followed by a real jet.

From flying in between cliffs, to taking the plane upside down, James got to experience the thrill of it all - and had his own 'Danger Zone' moment in between his moments of fear and panic.

After the plane 'finally' landed the relief on James Corden's face says it all. 

"Oh my god. I mean I love you and hate you at the same time" James said. "It was absolutely outrageous."

Tom Cruise's latest movie 'Top Gun: Maverick' is released in movie theatres this week.