Halle Berry cries surprising her old school teacher with a stunning home renovation

goss 08/06/2022

Halle Berry couldn't hold back the tears as she surprised her fifth-grade teacher and "second mom" with an incredible home renovation. 

Appearing on the television show 'Celebrity IOU', the Hollywood star talked about the impact her former teacher Yvonne Sims had on her when she was a kid. 

"If she hadn’t come into my life, my life would have been completely different, Halle said of her mentor of nearly 40 years. 

She was really like a second mother in many ways.

“My mom was a single mom, so she worked a lot. My sister and I were very much latchkey kids. [Yvonne] sort of took me in under her wing," she added. 

"I had a white mother and she, being a Black woman, taught me about my culture. We had this thing called cookie talks. I would go to her house, and we would sit at the kitchen table and have really deep conversations.”

With the help of The Property Brothers, Halle got her hands dirty demolishing Yvonne's old kitchen and ended up pulling off a stunning transformation of Yvonne's 1920s home. 

There were tears at both ends of the process, with the Oscar winner getting choked up returning to Yvonne's original house, and again at the end when the big reveal went down. 

"You deserve it more than anybody in the world," she told her teacher. 

"You're selfless." 

Check out the heartwarming moment for yourself!