Kylie Minogue felt '19 again' during the filming of the final episode of 'Neighbours'

goss 03/06/2022

Just last month Neighbours surprised fans by announcing that the power couple - Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan will be back on screen for the final episode. 

"I wanted to be reminded of being that 19-year-old again, when I would get into my Datsun and fang it to Vermont South or the Network Ten studios at Nunawading, [in Melbourne where the show is filmed" Kylie told The Australian.

It was very sweet to be with Jason and to think, “Wow, we’re still around”.

Just after the announcement of the pair coming back, the finale episode's script which revealed Charle and Scott's fate was leaked.

However, the executive producer Jason Herbison stated they have a bigger role than that. He told The Herald Sun that the leaked script didn't quite fully explain the '80's golden couple's storyline in the episode'.

"What I've read is not what happens which is great. It hasn't come out yet", he told.

He didn't reveal any further about their appearance but he did mention that it was 'wonderful' and it's 'emotional' for the iconic couple.

Seeing Kylie back as Charlene was quite a moment. Very special and I think for them too it was a real full circle for them.

Neighbours fans, the finale episode will surely be an emotional one! Keep your tissues ready. 

The final episode is set to air in August 2022.