It's about to get a bit more expensive to travel to Venice

travel 04/07/2022

By Zarina Hewlett via Today FM

A popular Italian city is taking a stand against 'over-tourism'. 

From January 16, 2023, Venice will be charging travellers a visiting fee to stop them from overwhelming the narrow streets, making it the first city to charge a fee upon entrance.

There will be a one-off payment for day-trippers, and an extra charge added onto hotel stays for those sleeping in the city. 

A small number of groups will not be asked to pay the entry fee including disabled people, homeowners, people visiting for medical reasons, people meeting relatives, people attending cultural events, as well as children under the age of six.

The council plans to police payments by conducting random spot checks on the street.  

If the entrance fee is not paid by the tourists, they are likely to face a fine of 300 euros, around NZ$500.

The floating cities councillor for tourism, Simone Venturini, says over-tourism has been a problem in the city for decades, and that this is the only solution.


This article was originally posted by Today FM.