Watch Drew Barrymore’s bizarre reaction to her home reno

goss 11/07/2022

We know what its like to get lost in a home renovation, but Drew Barrymore has taken it to a pretty bizarre place. 

The 47-year-old actress was doing some remodelling of her New York City condo when she found a hidden window in one of the rooms.

So the people who owned this apartment before me, um, covered up a window [...] "I don't know why.

The talk show presenter was even moved to tears and provided a philosophic perspective on the newly discovered window… and had to let out a bark two? 

It's so hopeful. It's like something can be so covered up and dark, you pry it open, and create light.

Check out the video below… 

Although many of her fans were ecstatic about her finding, others were a little more perplexed by her overly emotional and philosophic response to finding a window. 

Is no one gonna talk about the random barking she did?

There were also people trying to point out the obvious:  "But wouldn't she know there was a window from looking from the outside?"

However, a lot of Drew's followers jumped to the star's defence for acknowledging life's little wins:

"Some people in the replies have not renovated an old house and it shows,"

"Protect this woman at all costs, She is the new Betty White and will carry us through the next 60 years with love and joy."