Coca Cola address rumours that Lift is being discontinued

NZ 02/08/2022

Last month the rumours were spreading that Lift was set to be banished from NZ shelves and discontinued. 

These rumours found their way to the Coca Cola head offices, so naturally they had to make a statement on the future of Lift.

And in a nice twist of fate it turns out that Lift is going no where, it is indeed here to stay! 

Coca-Cola in New Zealand can confirm that Lift is not being discontinued here," the company told us in a statement.

It is a well-loved product by Kiwis and rest assured you can still find it on shelves across the country.

The chat about Lift being discontinued began with Aussie TikTokker @russ.eats, who heard through the grapevine that Coca-Cola Australia could be set to give the lemony fizzy drink the chop.

Many assumed the same would happen across the ditch here in Aotearoa, but Coca-Cola NZ has confirmed that is simply not the case. 

What a relief!