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Fan at Harry Styles' NZ show explains sign saying his song 'As It Was' caused her paralysis
Kiwi As
Kiwi As

Fan at Harry Styles' NZ show explains sign saying his song 'As It Was' caused her paralysis

“It took me a month to learn how to walk again."

There was an overwhelming amount of signs at Harry Styles Auckland show at Mt Smart stadium last night, but there was one sign that couldn’t go unnoticed as fans were entering the gig.

One fan was stopped by a Newshub reporter for holding up a sign that read: “'As It Was' made me paralysed, but look at me now," along with an image of her sitting in a wheelchair after the incident occurred.

Yep, I have so many questions…

In the quick interview, the fan told Newshub all about the moment she experienced Functional Neurological Disorder, causing her body to "shut down" the movement of her legs.

“I was actually listening to it when it came out in history class and I should’ve been learning, but more important things,” the fan began.

“The song just made me feel so overwhelmed and excited, I was stressed about getting caught that it basically just caused me to shut down and it shut down all the movement to my legs,” she added.


Many people took to Twitter to try and process the very unexpected reasoning behind the sign.

“Christ, extremely risky behaviour seeing it live if that's what happened just off Spotify,” said one Tweet.

While another confused Tweet read: “It’s the casual move on from the reporter too like “that’s not unusual at all”.

Yeah, I feel like we just glazed over the fact she physically could not walk for a whole month, but then again, it’s some wild info to process on the spot.

We’re glad to hear she was fit and healthy attending Harry’s Auckland show last night and was able to boogie the night away with the rest of us.