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Oh my hot cross buns: Whittaker's is releasing their new Easter flavour early
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Oh my hot cross buns: Whittaker's is releasing their new Easter flavour early

The Easter Bunny has come early!

New Zealand's most famous chocolate brand is getting in the Easter spirit for its next block. 

Whittaker’s announced that they will be releasing their limited edition line of chocolate blocks inspired by the sweet easter bread. Releasing nationwide on February 5th, the ‘Choc Cross Bun’ blocks will be a combination of their creamy milk flavour, natural mixed spice, raisins and orange oil. 


Soraya Cattin, Whittaker’s chief marketing officer, says the chocolate brand wanted to make a treat perfect for the holiday. 

“As a block, it’s perfect for Easter hosting at home, a morning tea at work, or an easy Easter treat to send to loved ones wherever they are,” she said. “It’s also ideal for those who want to be sure their Easter treats are Good Honest Chocolate, made with people and planet in mind.”

“As a limited-edition product, it’ll only be available until stocks run out, so get them while they’re hot!” says Soraya. 

The news of the new block comes as we're still in shock from the rudeness of Whittaker's being voted one of the worst chocolates in the world by one US site.

Tasting Table officially ranked 25 popular chocolate brands with Whittakers slapped in 24th place, somehow flopping lower than the likes of Lindt, Kinder and Toblerone.

The most shocking part? Their reason is sort of warranted as much as it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

The official taste testers' reason for ranking our beloved choccy so low was because of the price, which I’ll admit is a reasonable reason to bump it down a few notches, but no excuse for second to friggin’ last.

“The only reason Whittaker's landed lower on our list is due to the shipping price for consumers outside of Australia or New Zealand,” the website states.

Well, I'm happy that I live Down Under cause I'm predicting these hot cross bun blocks will be yummy!