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Could this be the priciest pie in NZ - what makes it worth $50?
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Kiwi As

Could this be the priciest pie in NZ - what makes it worth $50?

Who knew you could make such a fancy pie?
12 June 2024 9:16AM

A little pie shop in Canterbury might've just created the priciest pie in the country. So what does it include?

Turns out, it's a crayfish pie from PJ's Pies in Hanmer Springs that will cost a whopping $50.

PJ's Pies, run by Bratschi and his partner, both Swiss-trained chefs, are well known for their pies that are found in supermarkets all over the South Island. 

But they wanted to create something a touch more boujee, so they got their hands on some crayfish from Kaikōura.

The base is creamy mashed spuds and leek, and they turn the cray shells into a posh bisque, which sounds fancy but is a mix of crayfish sauce with cognac, white wine, and a bunch of herbs and spices. The crays get cooked and layered in the pie, topped off with what Bratschi calls "obnoxiously crispy pastry."

And if you reckon $50 is a bit too expensive, it seems like the locals aren't too worried In fact, Bratschi reckons it could've been worth more!

"If I filled that pie just with crayfish, it’d probably have to have double the price tag," he told RNZ.

"We could have sold another 10 to 20 pies. We had to take orders for people to come back, which is a good and a bad thing.”

Inspired by the success of the crayfish pie, Bratschi was already cooking up new ideas.

It’d be pretty hard to beat this one.