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A new 'Lord of the Rings' tale is being brought to stage in NZ this year
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A new 'Lord of the Rings' tale is being brought to stage in NZ this year

“The greatest show on Middle-earth comes home."

As if Hobbiton wasn’t enough, ‘Lord of the Rings’ is coming to life in a whole new way right here in NZ!

‘Lord of the Rings - A Musical Tale’ takes us on a journey through Middle-earth from the Hobbits' perspective.

"Experience Tolkien’s masterpiece brought to the stage - meticulously crafted with stunning world-class theatrics and captivating music," the production's official Instagram page wrote alongside a clip teasing the show.

"As the Hobbits celebrate Bilbo Baggins’ eleventy-first birthday in the Shire, he gifts his nephew Frodo his most precious belonging - a gold ring,” reads the synopsis, setting up the epic adventure.

“This fateful moment launches Frodo on a legendary and perilous quest across Middle-earth to the darkest realms of Mordor, to vanquish evil with his loyal Fellowship.”

In November, the musical will hit the stage at Auckland’s Civic Theatre. But for all you keen Kiwis wanting to head along, you’ll have to join a waitlist for tickets.

The production first premiered at The Watermill Theatre in the UK last November with What’s On Stage saying: “[Writer J.R.R] Tolkien would have been so proud”. 

The production is hitting the stage in the US this month,  before making its way to our shores later this year.

“The greatest show on Middle-earth comes home to Middle-earth!” said Fredrica Drotos, Middle-earth Enterprises’ Steward Brand and Licensing.

2024 is the perfect time to have this musical hit our shores, as it marks the 70th anniversary of ‘The Fellowship of the Ring,’ which first hit shelves in 1954.