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A Kiwi couple sharing their 'humble' journey to overcome homelessness is going viral on TikTok
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Kiwi As

A Kiwi couple sharing their 'humble' journey to overcome homelessness is going viral on TikTok

They're determined to get life "back on track".

One Kiwi couple is sharing the "challenging" reality of facing homelessness in New Zealand. 

Going under the account name @vagabondsss, the pair have kept their identities a mystery but have been very open about what it's like living out of their car, with their first video amassing almost half a million views.

“We’ve started this page to show our journey from being homeless to getting our lives back on track," they wrote.

“The challenges we’ve faced as a couple during this hardship have made our relationship solid but also put us in situations we’ve both never experienced.”

“So join us on our journey to getting our life back on track. First step: securing a job.”

The couple continued sharing their day in the life videos showing their car set up with blankets and all their belongings, washing dishes in a nearby river, charging devices at the library, and showering at the gym.

Some days appear harder than others, but the pair seem extremely grateful despite the challenges. 

Like the moment they were pulled over by a cop. Upper Hutt police officer Cameron noticed the couple living out of their car and offered them a food parcel to help out. 

Along their journey, many followers have also offered means of support, including food, money and help finding a place to stay. However, the pair made it clear they’re tackling this journey solo.

“We’re not taking koha, just here to document our journey, thank you for the offers,” they wrote in response to a follower asking how they could donate.

In their latest updates, the husband has been getting into the swing of his new job. 

The pair are now looking forward to reaching their next goal of being able to rent a studio together.

“Our next goal is to have 2 jobs each so we can possibly rent a studio or flat. We’re patient, desperate and determined. We’re gonna try to work as many hours as we can.”

With just seven clips, they’ve racked up hundreds of thousands of views by sharing their hardship.

Their bravery and determination is super inspiring, and a good reminder of how tough some people are doing it out there. Kia kaha!