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REVIEW: Teddy Swims' CHCH gig was the ultimate example of a passionate and gripping performance
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REVIEW: Teddy Swims' CHCH gig was the ultimate example of a passionate and gripping performance

And all while doing the show shoeless!

Teddy Swims might just be the most grateful artist in the world - and he proved it during the first of his three sell-out NZ shows on Thursday night.

Teddy graced the stage at Christchurch’s Town Hall for what I can only describe as the most passionate and gripping live performance I have ever seen.

The ‘Lose Control’ singer immediately made it known he was comfortable with the NZ crowd,  performing his whole show shoeless in his white crew socks - quite literally making himself at home.

But the casual attire didn’t mean the set would be a chill one to sit back and watch. Instead, joined by his band and “best mates” Freak Freely, Teddy powered through a bunch of momentum-building tracks with a full tank of gas.

Big Teddy Energy was not what I had imagined, but sheesh am I glad to have finally witnessed this man live. 

SOURCE: Georgia Watt

He’s mastered the art of powerful yet gentle, melancholic yet uplifting vocals and it truly does leave you feeling in awe of his ability to be so raw. 

Standout tracks from the show include ‘All That Really Matters’, ‘Devil In A Dress’, ‘The Door’, ‘Lose Control’ -obvs - and a beautiful tribute to NZ with a cover of Six60’s ‘Rivers’.

Emotion is what makes Teddy such a relatable artist, and he made it very clear that it’s not something that he ever shies away from.

Teddy said: “There was a time in my life when I thought my emotions were crazy or stupid, you know, I wasn’t allowed to feel the way I felt.”

“So, thank you, thank you for giving me an outlet to dump my trauma on strangers, it means so freaking much to me.”

SOURCE: Georgia Watt

But as much love as he feels from NZ, he gives back twofold.

The intimacy of the venue allowed Teddy to connect with those at the very back, whether it was a cheeky wave or an “I see you” mid-set. The audience knew he was genuinely there with us.

He urged the crowd to pull out their phones and text a loved one, and to give a squeeze to the person next to them in the audience - love was floating around the building.

His care factor was next level, pausing the show twice to make sure fans were safe in the pit.

SOURCE: Georgia Watt

By the end of the night, I left the show not just loving Teddy as a performer, but as a human. The connection he formed was unmatched, and the show itself was unforgettable…

Wellington and Auckland - you’re in for an absolute treat!