Can you complete the 30 Day More FM Lego Challenge?

Play 02/04/2020

We know planning something for the kids to do every day is daunting, so we’ve done it for you. Simply give them one of the below challenges every day, and they’ll spend hours creating masterpieces! 

Day 1: You have been hired by Rainbows End to create a new and exciting roller coaster!

Day 2: NASA needs you to build a new rocket

Day 3: Woohoo you’ve won Lotto! Design your dream house

Day 4: You’ve finally got your drivers license, build your dream car!

Day 5: You have been entered in a building contest. Your task? Build the world's tallest tower… it has to be taller than the Sky Tower!

Day 6: Aliens have landed, but their spaceship is broken. They need your help to get home. Build them a new one!

Day 7: You discover a deserted island, finders keepers! Design your own Island, will you have an amusement park OR a movie theatre - the choice is up to you!

Day 8: Now you need to build a boat to get you back home

Day 9: Build your dream tree house

Day 10: It’s Waitangi Day - build your favourite Kiwiana inspired piece!

Day 11: AHOY! You’ve been captured by Captain Hook! He needs a new pirate ship else you’ll walk the plank!

Day 12: HO HO HO! Santa has seen your creations and thinks they are amazing! He wants you to design him a new toy!

Day 13: Build something with only 100 pieces!

Day 14: Harry Potter needs a new broom, the whomping willow destroyed his one! 

Day 15: There's a mythical creature, and only you can see it! Design what he looks like, is it a unicorn? Or a three headed dog? Let the art of lego do the talking! 

Day 16: Cirque Du Soleil is in town! They need you to build a place for the circus acts to perform.

Day 17: Auckland Zoo is expanding, can you build new enclosures for all their animals!

Day 18: Do you wanna build a snowman? Build a winter scene!

Day 19: Auckland needs a new and improved Harbour Bridge! Can you design a new one?

Day 20: Pizza Hut wants you to design your favourite pizza! Bonus points if it is big enough for you and your friends to share!

Day 21: Before School goes back your principal wants you to design a school flag!

Day 22: Air NZ needs you to design them a new aircraft. Are you up for the challenge?

Day 23: Build your favourite Disney character

Day 24: It is almost summer and NZ needs a new waterpark! Design what the country's coolest theme park is going to look like

Day 25: Dragons have escaped! Can you build a replica so the police know what they are looking for?

Day 26: Build a machine that can help you with everything! 

Day 27: Your parents are taking you camping, but they forgot the tent. Can you build one for the whole family to sleep in?

Day 28: It’s starting to get colder but everyone wishes it was summer. Build your best sandcastle!

Day 29: The Queen needs a new throne as hers is not comfortable anymore! 

Day 30: Create something that is only red!