Four ways to make Easter extra special at home

easter 04/04/2020

We know that Easter this year is far from the holiday we are all accustomed to, so we have come up with a few ways to make the holiday extra special for all the little ones in your household!

PLUS we have created an Easter egg hunt of our own, make sure you check it out for your chance to win here.

Egg Hunt Bunny Markers

If the Easter Bunny wants to make things a little easier for the young ones in your house, create bunny markers. 

Simply glue (or sellotape) egg designs or bunny cut outs to a toothpick, popsicle stick or wooden craft stick and scatter throughout your garden to guide everyone (big and small) to their hidden treats!

Golden Ticket Egg

It looks like the Easter Bunny has turned into Willy Wonka this year!

If you have plastic eggs around the house (maybe from an old Kinder Surprise) then fill one with a golden ticket and let the kids trade it in for a special prize.

Note: If you don't have any special prizes around you could simply let one of them get out of doing the dishes. WIN!

Easter Treasure Hunt

Wanting to get the kids moving and having fun this Easter? Well, we have made the ultimate treasure hunt - all you have to do is print out and place the clues!

We’ve included some simpler clues for the little ones, and more complex clues for the veteran egg-hunters. 

Simply give the kids their first clue and away they go! The last clue will lead them to you, so make sure you have their prize ready! 

Plus we have chucked a few blank clues in there, so if the Easter Bunny ;) needs a hand with any chores they can add it to the list!

Clue #1

  • Here comes the Easter Bunny, Hop hop hop. Go where we greet guests, for your first stop!

Clue #2

  • I am where you watch your favorite show, and at night I like to glow.

Clue #3

  • I have a sound that goes beep, and my main function is to heat. 

Clue #4

  • I am under the place where your head rests, after a long day of taking tests.

Clue #5

  • I sit very still when I don’t have a driver, check under my tires to get what you desire 

Clue #6

  • Follow the clues, to get a treat for you! This one is simple, just look in your shoe!

Clue #7

  • I have two hands, no arms and a face, plus I can tell you how fast you can race

Clue #8

  • You’re getting there, and you could be a winner! Now go to the place where you eat your dinner

Clue #9

  • Candy is dandy and sweets are nice you’ll find your next clue where we store the rice

Clue #10

  • I am green and I grow, and what you mow!

Clue #11

  • You’re getting close, this clue is easy! Open one of these for some fresh air when the weather gets warm & breezy

Clue #12

  • Take off your coat and hang me here, You’ll see me hiding when you get near

Clue #13

  • I keep your food cold - especially in summer. Without me, eating ice-cream would be a bummer

Last Clue

  • This day is winding down, you're snug as a bug but to collect your prize, you must give mum and dad a big hug!

Clue #___


 Clue #___


 Clue #___



  • Clue #1 - Front door
  • Clue #2 - TV
  • Clue #3 - Microwave
  • Clue #4 - Their Pillow
  • Clue #5 - Car Tyre
  • Clue #6 - In their shoe
  • Clue #7 - Clock
  • Clue #8 - Dining Table (or kitchen bench)
  • Clue #9 - Pantry
  • Clue #10 - Grass
  • Clue #11 - Tucked into a window (bonus if they have to open it to find it
  • Clue #12 - Wardrobe
  • Clue #13 - Fridge
  • Last Clue - YOU!

Easter Day Jam in your Jim Jams

We came up with a list of twenty things that will get your kids moving and shaking on Easter! We love the fact that the kids will be laughing, singing and playing their way through an Easter game!

Put on some music and have some goofy time with the kids - get them to complete everything on this list to get an Easter Egg:

  • Jump on one leg 
  • Quack like a duck 
  • Hop Hop like the Easter Bunny
  • Sing your ABC’s 
  • Show me your favourite dance
  • Make a silly face
  • Count to 10 
  • Now do it backwards
  • Do a cartwheel
  • Touch the first red thing you see
  • Act like your dad 
  • Do 5 Jumping Jacks 
  • Oink like a pig
  • Tell me a joke
  • Moo like a cow
  • Act like a dog
  • Do the chicken dance
  • Sing your favorite song
  • Tell me 3 things you love about our family 
  • Give me a hug