Online games to play with your family located anywhere


We know the importance of remaining connected with your friends and family over the coming weeks - so here are a few of our favourite online board games and apps, so you can still enjoy game night!

Take a look at some awesome websites and apps below:


Table Topia
It’s a virtual board gaming platform, that allows you to hover over a digital version of your favourite board games. 
Instead of moving little space marines and aliens around, you’re moving around 3D-rendered game pieces and stacks of cards.

Words with friends - Facebook
Facebook is a great resource for online games, and since so many people already have accounts on the social network, sign-up is easy. One of the most popular games is the Scrabble-like game Words with Friends, which pits players in a turn-by-turn battle of letters.

We know scrabble is an awesome game to play in person, but if you want to play with someone who is in another bubble, either play online or download the app! The app version is free to download and play on Google Play or the App Store.

The great thing about Monopoly is you can play it with just two players, plus the game offers a fun, competitive challenge. This online game of Monopoly is free and allows you to add a friend so you can play together from separate computers.

Trivial Pursuit
Play a round of Trivial Pursuit for a fun, free game. You have the option to add a friend to play together online and experience the board game virtually. 


Houseparty is a social networking service that enables group video chatting. Users can pop in and out of “house parties”, whilst also playing games with one another. It is super easy to navigate and lots of fun too!

Snapchat Games
Although not all of the games on Snapchat are solely two-person, there are a few that offer the chance to play rounds against each other. For instance, you could challenge a friend to a game of Bitmoji Tennis or Slide the Shakes and compare your scores via the leaderboard. The best part is, the games on Snapchat are free and always available in the Games section of your chat options.