Taylor Swift faces off against her own naked cyborg in '…Ready For It?' video

Music 27/10/2017

Taylor Swift has released her new music video '...Ready For It', a futuristic video in which she plays two characters of herself - a hooded figure and a nude cyborg.

With Thor-like powers and Tron-like skin, one version of Taylor appears to be in a nude, light-up bodysuit that makes her look like a robot that can control lightning. And during the course of the video, she is fighting with her own dark-hooded self while contained within a glass box.

Fans have speculated that the dark-hooded Taylor represents the media's portrayal of her as a bad souless person, and that the nude-cyborg Taylor breaking free represents her finally breaking out of her image and living on her own terms.

'...Ready For It' is taken from her next full album, Reputation, which will be released in November.