Drax Project go "understated yet infectious" with new 'Mad At You'

wired 22/06/2022

The Wellingtonian boys from Drax Project are back, and they've got a brand new song.

"Mad At You" has been dubbed an "understated, yet infectious" tune about forgiveness and balancing the good with the bad.

"Choosing to focus on the things that really matter – not being torn apart by those that don't," the band explain.

Drax Project, which consists of members Shaan Singh, Sam Thomson, Matt Beachen and Ben O’Leary, had just completed a world tour opening for international act Camila Cabello in 2019. And when they had planned to settle in for a short Kiwi summer, they didn't expect that to become a couple of years planted in Aotearoa.

But the band hasn't taken that time for granted, and with new songs ready, they're prepared to start going overseas again.

“It’s been a pretty weird last couple of years for everyone! From a health standpoint, we’ve been extremely lucky to be in New Zealand – especially early in the pandemic, when we got to play stadiums while the rest of the world was in lockdown – but it has meant being a long way away from a lot of our audience."

Focusing more on recording than releasing has made sense. With New Zealand now opening up to the world again, it feels like the right time to start letting out some of the music we’ve been working on.

Drax Project is in Australia ahead of the release of their upcoming EP, 'Diamond' on July 8th. It will be their first EP in four years, and already features fan favourite songs 'Hollywood' and 'Fashion Sense'. Drax Project's last album was their self-titled 2019 release, featuring their hit songs 'Woke Up Late', 'Toto' and their collaboration with fellow Kiwi band Six60 with 'Catching Feelings'.

Watch the lyric video from Drax Project in the video above.