Niko Walters refuses to stay still with new music video 'Stay The Same'

wired 28/04/2022

Singer-songwriter Nico Walters has returned with a new music video, and a second album.

'Stay The Same' is the latest single Nico Walters has released from his album 'White Flag Waves'; an album he describes as "I have thrown in the towel."

"With this record... I have waved the white flag in surrender and created songs that are purely authentic with no goal or agenda other than to capture snapshots of my life experiences and feelings - completely unfiltered."

"I wrote these songs by the ocean. The sounds are wavy, greater than me, with peaks and troughs that have been accepted and surrender to."

Niko's music video to 'Stay The Same' features him with his bandmates all in one house, this one-take music video shows different band members playing in different rooms of the house while he grooves along to his song.

Watch the music video to 'Stay The Same' below: