Avalanche City tries to find forgiveness in comeback single 'Prayed For Love'

wired 10/12/2018

Avalanche City is back with his first single in three years.

Dave Baxter, the singer/songwriter behind Avalanche City, has spent his hiatus battling a controversial court case against his former manager over missing funds.

Once the harrowing chapter was finally in his rear-view mirror, Dave regrouped, writing the songs that would become MY BABYLON, including ‘Prayed For Love’. 

The song serves as a kind of closure for him as he handles his feelings between fury and forgiveness (“I prayed that you’d find peace, and then I prayed for your disaster”).  

“I wanted to move on and not think about it anymore, I had to stop writing about it,” says the songwriter.

“I let this one song through about that time. It’s like a summary of that whole thing, a lot of conflicted feelings.” 

‘Prayed For Love’ is also accompanied by a beautifully-shot video, which captures an immersive ride through the wintery late night streets of Auckland. “It was the place I held in my mind while writing this song. There is no need to overcomplicate things; this is the song and the scene in which it is set,” explains Dave.

Avalanche City's upcoming album MY BABYLON is released February 22, 2019.