Mitch James wishes to be '21' again

wired 17/05/2018

Mitch James is back with a brand new song off his upcoming debut album.

The singer/songwriter, who has already achieved hit songs with 'Move On', 'Won't Bother Me' and 'All The Ways to Say Goodbye' has released the new track '21'.

“I wrote ‘21’ in August 2017, when I was on a writing trip in Melbourne working with Mike Waters," says Mitch.

"It is basically a nostalgic love letter to not only a girl, but to my friends and also Dunedin. It’s about a time where you have no worries and don’t know how good you have it”.

“All the lyrics mean a lot to me, and are real stories. The first verse, is about when I had just moved to Dunedin, and I was seeing a girl, who lived next door to my mates, who ended up throwing rocks at their window for a laugh. I ended up being the middle man for way too long. It’s all little stories like this that mean so much to me.”