Mountain Boy brings back sentimental nostalgia with his new music video

wired 12/12/2018

Kiwi artist Mountain Boy has just released his much anticpated EP 'From The Dust'. The EP's lead single 'Brothers' is a crowd favourite, well-liked for it's catchiness. 

For Mountain Boy's new music video for 'Brothers', Director Harvey Hayes wanted to evoke the sentimental nostalgia of a lost friendship to match the lyrical narrative in the song.  His beautiful execution captures snapshots of the characters' childhood friendship in the 80's, their teenage antics in the 90's, and concludes with scenes set in the modern day. 

When speaking about Brothers, Clarke sheds a different light on his song writing journey. "Brothers feels different from the other songs because of how direct it is, both in the lyric and its intention."

“At its core, it’s about holding up the ones we love and sharing their burdens, even if that means giving up your ease and comfort”.