'Vicious Love' is our first taste of Niko Walter's new music

wired 28/09/2021

Niko Walters has released a brand new track 'Vicious Love' and it's our first official taste of new music since his huge hit 'Not My Neighbour' that was released in 2020.

Laced with fluttering synths and stripped back acoustic guitar, 'Vicious Love' stands as one of Niko’s most intimate songs to date, capturing the intricacies of a complex relationship with the powerful lyrical flair that we've come to expect from Niko.

“The concept and lyrics for ‘Vicious Love’ came fairly suddenly after playing with some chords I had been trying out for a while” says Niko on the creation of the track. “There's a genuine love and deep care for one another, but heavy emotions and circumstances contaminate the relationship."

Watch the music video above.