Robinson - Watching You

wired 21/02/2020

New Zealand-born pop artist Robinson releases her debut EP ‘Watching You’ today, via Ministry Of Sound Recordings. The dreamy brand of heartbreak pop Robinson is known for resonates throughout the record. 'Watching You' was written mostly in London and produced by Sam de Jong. Of the EP, Robinson says:

"All the songs speak of love and heartbreak but I hope it will give people hope and comfort if they are going through the same thing. It means the world to me to have Watching You in the arms of the world."

Lead single 'Watching You' - an emotional and relatable track about watching someone you love move on - was written by Robinson together with Mike Needle and Dan Bryer.

On the meaning behind the single, Robinson says:

"It’s about the absolute discomfort and utter heartbreak that comes with watching the person you’re in love with, be in love with someone else and how confusing and conflicting that is to come to terms with those feelings, and trying to do anything to move past it in order to find happiness again."