Thomas Oliver's new single 'Bulgarian Mountains' explores the feeling of freedom

wired 04/11/2019

Thomas Oliver has revealed that his new single 'Bulgarian Mountains' is song about the feeling of freedom, based on an encounter in Amsterdam, and connected with an instant attraction between male and female.

“My videographer and I had just landed in Amsterdam after 30 hours of flying from New Zealand. We went straight to the Melkweg to meet with my agent, and he had a friend with him who lived in Amsterdam but was from Bulgaria,” says Oliver.

“When I asked about her, she told me that she had just dropped out of university because it didn't feel right to her, and she was going home to Bulgaria, to the mountains, to be away from everything and reconnect with herself."

"She didn't care what anyone else thought of it. I don't even think she uses social media. I dropped out of uni too, which I told her proudly."

"I found myself both attracted to her nature, and empowered by the reminding idea that we can, in so many cases, do whatever we want."