Thomston's new single tackles the complexity of humans & how they're 'all over the place'

wired 15/10/2019

New Zealand indie-pop artist Thomston has today dropped his new single 'Casual', the latest from his double EP release, due out 18th October.

With over 80 million global streams under his belt, at just 23 years old, Thomston has proven himself to be of New Zealand’s most promising names in pop music.

On the single, Thomston noted “People are all over the place. One second, I want marriage and kids and a dog and a house, and the next I want to be alone. I want commitment until I don’t.

‘Casual’ is about being in a relationship with a person of a similar temperament that is just terrible on paper but part of you wants to give into the ‘what-ifs’ of a future together. It’s about wondering if commitment is all it takes”