Kanye West to "buy up" NZ's Waiheke Island

Pics 24/03/2016
Controversial rapper Kanye West has decided he wants his own slice of New Zealand paradise.
The husband of reality TV star Kim Kardashian wrote on Twitter about his new plans to "buy up Waiheke" island, located in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.
"I can’t live all for LA life," Kanye West tweeted this morning. "I got money to buy up Waiheke."
The singer tweeted that he already has people looking at large sections of Waiheke Island so he is able to "build" to celebrate the financial success of his recent album, 'The Life of Pablo'.
"I will build a palace for Pablo where none of that f***** media b******* is."
Waiheke Island is already considered a hot spot for well-known celebrities. Taylor Swift and Jeremy Clarkson are recent celebrities to have visited the area in recent visits to New Zealand.
Travel company Lonely Planet also declared Waiheke Island as one of the ‘best islands in the world’ in 2015 – ranked in fourth place, ahead of the Maldives and Great Barrier Reef.
[Photos: Twitter/Instagram] 
APRIL FOOLS! The above story about Kanye West is completely and totally fake. We hope you had a great laugh – share this story with your friends and see if they’ll fall for it too!