New $20, $50, $100 bank notes released in New Zealand today

Pics 24/03/2016
Your wallet may start being filled with the new New Zealand notes as they enter circulation from today.
The new bank notes follow the release of the updated $5 and $10 notes that have been in use since October 2015. Both the old and new notes can still be used, but old notes will be taken out of circulation as they are returned to the Reserve Bank.
Featuring brighter colours and larger print, the updated $20, $50 and $100 bills also have more Te Reo Maori on them, and more sophisticated security features, but are still the same size as the old versions.
New Zealand's banknotes were last updated in 1999 and are designed to keep ahead of technology advances to lessen counterSefeiting.
See the newly designed bank notes in the gallery above.