The Bachelor New Zealand's limo driver speaks out about his new found fame

Pics 09/03/2016
All eyes were on the glum-looking driver on The Bachelor NZon Monday night - and Scout can reveal who he is.

George Novis, a staffer at Warner Bros, makers of the show, took on the role of driving the 23 female contestants to the mansion during the premiere.

While we were supposed to be paying attention to the Bachelorette’s first encounters with Jordan Mauger, it was the hunk behind the wheel who stole the show. The Twitterverse erupted, with many taking to the social media forum to share their admiration for George, a 20-year-old production assistant living in Auckland.

With a tall figure and sharp jaw-line, and his eyes focused steadily on the road, many drew comparisons to Ryan Gosling in Drive. Novis himself saw the funny side and shared a mock-up of the film’s poster on Facebook.

But, as someone accustomed to working behind the camera, this new-found fame was totally accidental.

Fortunately, Novis is happy to laugh it off. Speaking to SCOUT earlier today, Novis said he had seen the TV footage before the episode went to air, and was expecting his guest appearance to be noticed.

He explained: "I knew it was coming. We [the team at Warner Bros] all had a good laugh about it."

While the episode was filmed during a scorcher of a summer, Novis insisted the window was not wound down:

"The window was up. It was just not very tinted."

Some had joked that straight-faced Novis looked sad, as if he’d auditioned to be The Bachelor and been cast as a driver instead. Others suggested the Auckland man deserved his own spin-off show, filmed in a hatchback, perhaps titled 'The Hatchelor'.

When asked whether he’d taken up the role to meet the ladies on the show, Novis simply stated: "I'm not into ladies anyway".

It was just another day the office.

Novis made no comment when asked whether he'd consider a new career with Uber.