What does Art Green think of current Bachelor New Zealand's Jordan Mauger?

Pics 24/03/2016
It's Bachelor vs Bachelor! How does season one's Art Green think Jordan's handling The Bachelor New Zealand?
In an interview with Woman's Day, Art Green shared while watching last week's episodes that he thought Jordan needs to assess his date types and his "datees" more thoughtfully. 
"The abseiling date. Of the three women that went on the date - two fell and cried, and the third just said, "Nah not for me". Perhaps the production team need to reassess their dates, or Jordan needs to select his datees more thoughtfully."
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The season one bachelor also commented that it was "a bit boring."
"The dates were mediocre and the only believable conversation I saw was with Storm."
Art called Jordan's date with Storm a highlight because it "showed some true feelings for one another." Shame she got sent home this week!
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[Photos: TV3]