7 things sleep experts say you shouldn't do before bed

Pics 06/04/2016
If you're having trouble sleeping then these experts have told us the 7 things you need to stop doing before hitting the sack.
They include exercising before bed. Because your body takes a long time to cool down and get back to it's resting heart rate, excercising within a few hours of bedtime is a big no no.
Eating a huge meal befor ebed is also bad as your stomach needs time to digest your food before you lie down horizontally.  
Checking your emails and texts in bed before you drift off. The light from the device you're using trips your brain up and messes whether it's night or day.
Drinking alcohol before bed is a big no-no too. EVen if you coma out because you've gone a bit overboard on the wines, you don't fall into a proper deep sleep. Thus, still feeling tired the next day.
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