Married at First Sight Australia's Zoe tells season 2's Clare to stop "getting bitter"

Pics 22/09/2016
Two brides of Australia's 'Married at First Sight' have clashed over Clare's public slamming of the reality TV show.
Successful season 1 bride, Zoe Hendrix, has spoken out against unsuccessful season 2 bride Clare Verrall, after Clare's numerous moments slamming the reality TV show and her "ex-husband" Jono Pittman.
Clare and Jono were the first couple to split from the season 2 series of Married at First Sight, after their personalities and emotions clashed with each other. Clare has gone on to be very public about the way she was treated and portrayed by the TV series and by her "match" Jono.
Most recently, she's listed on Australia's eBay her wedding dress from the TV show. “Stunning Designer Wedding Dress As Seen On Married At First Sight Season Two,” she titled the auction. “Worn for one day while marrying a stranger who turned out to be a total wankpuffin."
This most recent stunt has struck a chord with season 1 bride Zoe, who is currently expecting a baby with her matched husband Alex Garner.
Writing a long post on Instagram, she described Jono as "not a bad guy" and that "he wasn't perfect but neither was she."
She also pointed out that there are two sides to each story, and while Jono has been "gentleman enough to not air his exes dirty laundry to the public... “On the flip side the ongoing personal attacks to the public from his ex are both unfair & unwarranted.”
“Instead of getting bitter why not get better? His moved on and so should she."
Jono responded to Zoe's statement, thanking her for speaking up and saying he doesn't want to "feel sorry for".
"Trust me guys, I've been offered a ridiculous amount of money to tell my story but I've chosen to keep quiet!" he wrote.
Clare on the other hand, has deleted her Instagram account - so maybe he has decided to let it go?
Read the Instagram posts and comments in the gallery above.