The Block NZ homes are worth way more now than when they were sold

Pics 19/09/2016
While it took weeks of hard work and renovations to get The Block NZ houses ready for auction, their buyers didn't have to do much to see the properties surge in value.
With the average Auckland house price topping $1 million for the first time this month, it's no surprise houses from The Block NZ have grown by an average of 61 percent, or nearly $219,000 a year.
Of the 16 homes from the first four seasons of the show, six have since been resold, including all the houses from season one, Alex and Caleb's winning house from season two and Quinn and Ben's Point Chevalier house from season three.
Property data website - which displays sales histories and estimated values - has crunched the numbers on the houses, and some of the results may surprise long-time viewers of the programme.
The biggest growth in value was on season one's fourth-place couple Rachel and Tyson's home - the only Block NZ home not to make a profit over auction reserve. Their Takapuna house has grown in value by a whopping $365,500 a year, or 183 percent, and is now estimated at $1,462,000 more than it originally sold for.
"I recall back in 2012 thinking how expensive those Takapuna homes were," says marketing manager at Jeremy O'Hanlon. "To think the purchaser has made over $300,000 per year is astounding."