Girls dream comes true after her dad gives her a full on Wonder Woman photoshoot

Pics 26/10/2016
A US man made his daughter's dreams come true by transforming her into Wonder Woman for her third birthday.
With a special handmade costume, professional make-up and commercial photographer Josh Rossi's own considerable set of skills, he created an impressive series of photos depicting little Nellee in epic battle scenes as the DC Comics superhero.
Mr Rossi took the photos over a six hour shoot in his hometown of Salt Lake City with five assistants - including his own pregnant wife Roxana.
"I wanted my girl to be more unique than just Superwoman or Catwoman because she has a really strong personality," says Mr Rossi.
"I remembered the Batman v Superman movie where at the end Wonder Woman comes out and she destroys the monster that neither of the guys can defeat. So she's more powerful than both of them combined and that's the moment that I was certain that's who I wanted my daughter to be."
Mr Rossi says Nellee is obsessed with acting and spent hours watching Wonder Woman clips online and practicing her poses as the demigoddess.
"It's like her dream. It's expensive to create the perfect look but it's totally worth it," he says.
"As soon as she put the costume on she was in the zone, the poses were great. She wasn't hungry or crying, she was literally so into it."
Images: Instagram, joshrossiphotos