Super tall teen hands out business cards to people who make jokes about his height

Pics 10/10/2016
If you’re taller than normal, no doubt you’ve had people make odd comments or jokes about your height. Well this 17 year old named Logan had an
hilarious idea to help put an end to the annoying questions.
Spending just over $10 NZD on some business cards, Logan has described them as the best investment he’s ever made. The business cards have some witty answers to the most common things he gets asked.
Logans cards went viral after someone he was doing a group project with made a comment about his height, he then handed her one of the cards. She uploaded a picture of the card along with the caption “Omg so this kid I’m doing a group project with is mad tall and I asked him how tall he was and he pulled out his wallet and handed me this.”
See the out of the box business cards above.