Huge 7.5 magnitude earthquake rocks central NZ

Pics 14/11/2016
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What we know:
- The severe 7.5 magnitude struck near Hanmer Springs just after midnight.
-  GeoNet reveals the one severe 7.5-magnitude quake may actually have been two quakes, based on aftershocks being felt in two separate locations.
- TSUNAMI THREAT DOWNGRADED: People who have evacuated can now return home. Stay out of coastal water until further notice. Tsunami waves
have been recorded in and around Kaikoura and parts of Wellington
- Two deaths have been confirmed - one in Kaikoura and one in Mt Lyford, east of Hanmer Springs.
- The full extent of the damage to transport systems is still unfolding with extensive damage caused to parts of State Highway One in the South Island. 
- All trains in the South Island and all trains on the North Island main trunk line south of Palmerston North are cancelled until further notice.
- Police advising people to remain away from buildings in the affected areas - especially those with large numbers of glass or masonry. 
- Contact your local school to see if they are open.
- All airports are open.
- Ferry crossings from Picton to Wellington have been disrupted due to damage at the ports.
- Dozens of aftershocks have struck up and down the country, as far north as Pukekohe, south of Auckland.
- NZQA has announced that exams will remain as scheduled. NZQA advises if you are concerned about your child's capacity to take part in exams today please contact their school ASAP.
- Mobile provider Spark has offered its WiFi hotspot service for free use today, and 2degrees have offered free texts to help users stay in touch with family and friends.