Lawyer explains how The Little Mermaid could have escaped her contract

Pics 07/11/2016
Remember the contract Ariel the Little Mermaid signed to get her legs? A lawyer has analysed it, and found out all the ways she could have escaped her dodgy contract.
Shon Faye, a former law school student and qualified in commercial law, posted on Twitter the four ways the 16-year-old Little Mermaid could have annulled her contract with Ursula the sea witch.
In her reasoning, Shon says the contract is of a ‘onerous and unreasonable’ nature, and that her contract was ‘voidable at any time’ due to Ariel’s young age.
So had her father, King Triton of the sea, had his own legal team - the tale of The Little Mermaid would have been a completely different story...
Not so 'legal, binding, and completely unbreakable' like Ursula said!