Mum gives "absurdly optimistic" replies to her daughter's strange texts

Pics 07/11/2016
Mums are great women. They're loving, encouraging and supportive, even when we're at our worst. But one woman is probably the most supportive mum on the planet.
US student Delaney Keefe has a mum who sees the silver lining to even the weirdest of messages her daughter sends. And she has sent some weird messages, texting photos of trees, hats and other random things she can think of.
But each time, mum Tamara always delivers the most positive and supportive response. 
"She’s just always kind of been like that for as long as i remember, and not just towards me," she told Metro.
"She’s supportive, friendly, and optimistic towards absolutely everyone that she meets, even strangers."
See some of the amazingly supportive messages this mum has sent her daughter in the gallery above.