Dad shares with his daughter why he still loves her mum after 27 years of marriage

Pics 07/12/2016
While she was working on an essay about her parents, her father's description of his marriage brought her to tears.
Twitter user @sydnyy_ had texted her dad, asking him to describe his 27 years of marriage to her mum. And his beautiful response has moved not just his daughter, but the Internet as over a million people have seen his response.
Her father went to explain that his spouse is "my best friend, my hilarious wife and my beautiful queen."
"Our personalities all wrapped up. Our heart, soul, humour, kindness, respect, integrity and a million other neat stuff about us."
"She doesn't just 'complete me,' she came into my life when I was young and immature, completed me and then made me so much better of a person. I dated and married an angel."
[Photos: Twitter]