Woman changes her fridge water dispenser to pour out wine

Pics 14/12/2016
One woman is making the holidays that little bit more special by getting her fridge into the festive spirit.
After discovering how to turn her refrigerator water dispenser into a wine dispenser, Clare Potts took to Twitter to share her special hack - and since then, the photos have gone viral.
In an interview with Mashable, Clare explained that she and her boyfriend had just moved into a new home and realised the potential in the fridge's water dispenser.
"My boyfriend Joe was telling me [the fridge] came with a wine rack and I just said, 'Why don't we just put it in the water cooler?' It seemed like the obvious thing to do," she said. "[It's] exactly the same as if you're filling [the fridge] with water, just add wine in the water tank ... and use the tap as normal."
While they won't use the wine dispenser every day (as the wine will oxidise too fast), and it does need to be cleaned after every use - what a great little trick to have, especially for those Christmas and New Year dinners!