Something's not quite right with Ryan Gosling's new wax figure

Pics 25/01/2017
It's not often you'd consider actor and Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Gosling as "a little bit creepy".
But that's what some people are calling Ryan Gosling's new wax statue that was unveiled at Berlin's Madame Tussauds.
The new figure at the museum wasn't able to do him justice - though it's hard to pin down where it exactly went wrong.
"Looks like @RyanReynnoIds and @RyanGosling had an adult wax baby. #Ryansquared" said someone on Twitter.
Another person commented "This reminds me of the Belle doll. Why can't anyone get the forehead/hairline right?"
Check out the wax figure in the photos above.
[Photos: AAP/Getty]