This amazing boyfriend plans a Beauty and the Beast themed proposal and it is perfect

Pics 18/01/2017
We love a good love story and this one takes the cake.

Imgur user jel2930 explained to us "This is Cara, my best friend and partner in crime. She grew up admiring Belle from Beauty and the Beast. Wanting to recreate the famous scene, I decided to make her the dress to coincide with my proposal.” 

He went above and beyond during his Beauty and the Beast themed proposal, and it's beautiful.

When Cara tries the beautiful dress on, it ends up fitting like a glove.

Every detail of the proposal, was executed to pure perfection for someone who loves the Disney classic. 

After sharing the special moment with everyone he wrote "Wait... does this make me the beast? ah well."

Treat your girlfriend like a princess? This guy has this perfect.

It's clear to see she said 'Yes'.