Young boy was inspired to write to the world after reading 'A Letter To New Zealand'

Pics 17/01/2017
Toby was only five-years-old when he brought home a book called A Letter To New Zealand. After reading the book with his mum, he was inspired to write a letter to New Zealand himself. 

He soon enough decided to try and write to as many countries as he could. Toby has managed to write to around 880 countries with approximately 400 replies. His genuine curiosity in others is which speaks to people on so many levels. 

Toby - who is from London, England - has recently published his book Dear World, How Are You? which is a collection of all the letters he has sent and received. 

One letter has stood out hugely to Toby. That is when he received a reply from James in the South Pool with a banner wishing Toby a happy birthday. 

His Facebook page continues to gain more followers.

This is such a special way to bring the world together.