20 baby names that have been proved to belong to the most ‘naughty’ children

Pics 21/02/2017

A reward system called School Stickers asked about 60,000 children to digitally record the stickers they received in school for behaving well.

They then tracked the children’s behavior based on one million entries and, after analyzing the data, released a light-hearted “naughty list” of the kids most likely to misbehave.

In a press statement, Neil Hodges, School Stickers’ managing director, said:

"The annual ‘Santa’s Naughty and Nice list’ is just a bit of fun, and obviously there are many Ella’s and Joseph’s that are perfect little angels, just as I’m sure there are many Amy’s and [Jacob’s] that can be a bit of a handful."

If you do have a naughty Ella or Luke, now might be the right time to sit them down for a chat before their name gets the better of them.