7 year old girl applies for a job at Google and gets a response from the CEO!

Pics 17/02/2017
When seven-year-old Chloe Bridgewater wrote to Google asking for a job, she probably wasn't expecting a reply from the head of the global tech giant.
But the Liverpool girl got one - by old-fashioned snail mail, no less.
Chloe's handwritten letter laid out her case for being a Google employee, saying she was good at spelling, reading and maths.
"My dad said I can sit on bean bags and go down slides and ride go karts in a job in google (sic)," she wrote.
"My dad gave me a game where I have to move a robot up and down squares, he said it will be good for me to learn about computers."
In a letter dated February 3, Google's chief executive thanked Chloe for her application and encouraged her to continue working hard.
"I'm glad that you like computers and robots, and hope that you will continue to learn about technology. I think if you keep working hard and following your dreams, you can accomplish everything you set your mind to - from working at Google to swimming in the Olympics."
Mr Pichai stopped short of promising Chloe a job, but did say he looked forward to receiving her job application when she finished school.
The letter was posted to Twitter by Chloe's dad Andy Bridgewater, who said his daughter was so excited to receive it.