Adele breaks her 'Album of the Year' Grammy after dedicating it to Beyonce

Pics 09/02/2017
Adele won the biggest award for the year at the Grammys, but Adele literally broke it in half to share with her idol.
As she accepted the last Grammy award for 'Album of the Year', Adele said to the audience that being a mum has been hard, but she "can't possibly accept this award." "My artist of my life is Beyonce," Adele cried on stage.
"And the Lemonade album it was so monumental, and so well thought out, and so beautiful and soul bearing," she said as Beyonce herself teared up.
"All us artists here adore you."
After the awards stopped recording, she was photographed breaking her award in half - and allegedly gave the top half to Beyonce.
Adele had already paid tribute to Beyonce in the award before, saying especially to her that she wished Beyonce was her mum.
See more photos of Adele's snapped Grammy, and watch Adele's tearful speech to Beyonce for 'Album of the Year' below.
 [Photos: Getty Images]